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Letter-Writing Campaign: Pen-Pal Program, Writing Notes to Migrants in Greece or Texas
Our #VoicesofArt Campaign:
Throughout this campaign, we hope to connect our audience with immigrant populations in the U.S. and globally through art. The campaign is inspired by our most recent fundraiser for Biblo-Art, and we hope to further the campaign through showcasing various forms of art including music, photography, paintings, and poetry to transcend a variety of borders present in modern day. In order to participate in the campaign feel free to share your art by emailing us, or sharing your story through our Instagram campaign. We will showcase the submissions and stories we receive on our site. Click the button below to learn more about Biblo-Art!

Some Past Events

Clothing Drive for the Migrant Community in Villa Caracas, Colombia
Webinar on environmental impacts on migration

We recorded our August webinar, which covered environmental impacts on migration. We discussed the role that climate change is playing in migration and the fact that climate migrants aren't recognized as refugees. We also brought two migrants' stories to life and had an engaging Q&A with our participants at the end. We would like to thank EcoHouse Teens for their collaboration!

Other past events have included webinars about Covid-19 and right-wing nationalism, discussion groups with various guest speakers, and a fundraiser.

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