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Take action by connecting with migrants through our letter-writing campaign.

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Get involved by donating items, funds, or time.



Contact us to suggest ideas, ask questions, and learn about other ways to get involved. 



Attend a webinar or read an interview or blog post to learn about migrants' stories. 



Explore different organizations and petitions to support. 



Engage with our community by posting your comments and thoughts! Consider joining our team as well.


Letter Writing Campaign


As a way to connect with migrants both locally and globally, we have organized a letter-writing campaign. Migrants in any country tend to feel like "the other." Simply a note, prayer (of any form), or thought can let them know that we care. The letter-writing campaign serves the purpose of connecting you with migrant communities. We hope that the letters will provide a human perspective behind the statistics and stereotypes we hear. You can either write a physical letter or send your letter to us online (in which case we will print it out and send it).

**Our focus on art: For our pen-pal program, we would like to focus on sharing art (whether that be poetry, drawings, photography) in order to share each other's stories. Through our connection brought by art, we get to understand others on a deeper level. We plan to bring these images together to show migrants's stories. 

Short Notes to Migrants
Long-Term Pen-Pal Program


Please consider signing the following petitions:
Check out Justice4Women's Bandana Project and consider participating
Download our "I Stand With Immigrants Because" Template and share your story
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If you use our template make sure to tag us on your socials!

Please consider donating to the following GoFundMe supporting the Biblo-Art Project:

Learn more about Yacep, Villa Caracas, and the story behind Biblo-Art

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Join Our Team!

join our team

If you're interested in becoming a part of our team, whether that means writing an article, fundraising for migrant communities, hosting drives & much more, fill out the form below to be considered!

We'll be conducting various application cycles! Our next cycle will start: May 2022. 

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