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As a way to connect with migrants locally and globally, we have organized a letter-writing campaign. Migrants in any country tend to feel as "the other." Sometimes simply what migrants need is a note, prayer or thought to let them know that we care. The campaign serves the purpose of connecting you with migrant communities. Additionally, we hope that the letters will provide a human perspective behind the statistics and stereotypes we hear. We will provide them with the supplies and information they'd need to reply. A Google Document will be linked below with additional instructions on how to address the letters, where to send them and some examples. 

Crayons: We would also like to include crayons within some of the letters because we believe that an image has a powerful impact. By asking migrants to draw how they feel, we get to understand a deeper perspective. We plan to bring these images together to show migrants's stories. 

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Our GoFundMe: We are raising funds for different migrant communities affected by COVID-19, and we are currently hoping to raise funds for Villa Caracas. Learn more by clicking the link!


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