Meet The Team!

It is with great excitement that we’re introducing some of our newest team members. We are proud to have a global, innovative, and passionate team!

Citiana Belayneh, Team Writer and Researcher

My name is Citiana Belayneh, and I'm a senior at Georgetown Visitation. As a child of immigrant parents and relatives, I understand the hardship and bravery it takes to migrate and the pressures to adapt to a new world. While my family made it to the U.S., many others worldwide are suffering and desperate to escape their home country and seek a new life. Last school year, I became involved with Vamos Tutoría, a tutoring program for children who come from immigrant families. Vamos, along with my sophomore year refugee project, enabled me to research more and get involved in finding a solution. I found that negative media surrounding immigration only created more problems. By being a part of Voices of Migrants, I hope to spread the truth and shatter negative stereotypes. As a society, we need to encourage others to listen to those voices and understand the immigration crisis worldwide. I'm very passionate about social justice issues and determined to make sure that people hear and help the voices of migrants.

Sophie Drobnick, Team Writer and Researcher

My name is Sophie Drobnick, and I am a junior at Georgetown Visitation! I am deeply interested in social justice issues, especially immigration reform. I love writing and am excited to document migrant stories and experiences as a Voices of Migrants team member. In middle school, my church sponsored a Syrian family trying to escape the war in their country. I was a part of a group that helped clean up and prepare their house to live in it. This experience and a recent research project on the Afghanistan refugee crisis gave me an insight into the dire situations that migrants and refugees are in. As a result, I joined Voices of Migrants to help create broader awareness and understanding about migrants’ journeys, both the hardships and the successes.

Maria Garcia, A.R.T Page Coordinator

My name is Maria Garcia, and I am attending Los Angeles City College. I'm majoring in nursing, and I aspire to study medicine in the future. I was born in Mexico, but I was raised in Los Angeles. I'm looking forward to being a part of Voices of Migrants because it has brought a voice to immigrants globally through art and storytelling. This platform gives me, and many other immigrants hope.

Laura Gonzales, A.R.T. Page Coordinator, Local V.O.M Operations

My name is Laura Gonzales, and I am currently a sophomore at the Connelly School of the Holy Child. I usually spend most of my summers in Colombia since it's my parent's birthplace. I'm passionate about painting and drawing, and I hope to bring my story through art into Voices of Migrants. I joined this platform to spread awareness and show the value of immigrants' courage, as I've seen throughout my life.

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