Meet The Team!

It is with great excitement that we’re introducing some of our newest team members. We are proud to have a global, innovative, and passionate team! Stay tuned to meet the rest of our team members next week!

Federico Opertti, Leader of Upcoming Tutoring Program

I am a bilingual high school student of Uruguayan descent who lives in Washington, D.C. I visited Villa Caracas and have since wanted to help the community however I possibly can. I have been giving English lessons through WhatsApp calls to a resident of Villa Caracas and would love to continue to do so when possible. Although I don’t live in Colombia, and I cannot help at a local level, I am looking forward to starting a tutoring program with Voices of Migrants to give English lessons and raise funds to immigrant communities in need.

Sofia Tejada, Social Media Team Manager

My name is Sofia Tejada, and I am a senior at Georgetown Visitation. As the daughter of immigrant parents, celebrating diversity and learning about other cultures has always been very important to me. Through Voices of Migrants, I hope to share my family’s story and that of other migrants. My dad is from the Dominican Republic, and my mom is from Nicaragua; they have both emphasized the importance of family and being proud of where you come from.

At the end of my sophomore year, I did my final project on the Rohingya genocide and immigration crisis, which I sadly had no prior knowledge of before starting the project. Aside from my research, the project showed me that I could not depend on school or the media to educate me about what is occurring in our world. Rather, it is my responsibility to inform myself and learn about what is happening.

Learning about different immigration crises and genocides has allowed me to have difficult political conversations. I aspire to study psychology, history, and politics in college and ultimately go to law school. Analyzing history and finding the psychological aspects of events has always fascinated me.

Sofia Gonzales, Social Media Team & Manager of Local V.O.M. Operations

My name is Sofia Gonzalez, and I am currently a junior at the Connelly School of the Holy Child. Growing up in a first-generation immigrant family, I heard my parents' fascinating childhood stories growing up in Colombia, from their first day at school to how they met. I would also be lucky enough to go back with them and experience Colombia as they did, growing up. But with positives come negatives. I would see them struggle as they moved into a foreign country. My parents made an honorable sacrifice for my sister and me, hoping to give us a better life in America. However, it was hard for them leaving their entire family behind while facing the unknown of how life would be in another country. The best lessons come from struggles, which inspires me to be a voice for immigrants' courage, strength, and struggle.

Leena Abdalla, Team Writer and Researcher

My name is Leena Abdalla, and I am from Qassim, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan! I moved to North Carolina in 2019 in search of better education, more opportunities, and a better future. I was fortunate enough to come with my family. I value my story as an immigrant and aspire to bring other immigrants’ stories to this platform. I’m thinking of studying medicine after I graduate high school. I enjoy swimming and biking (overall enjoying nature), and I aspire to succeed in the medical world to help vulnerable communities in need.

Juan Camilo Bonilla, Team Writer & Researcher

My name is Juan Camilo Bonilla, and I'm from Barranquilla, Colombia! I'm 16 years old, and I go to Colegio Karl C Parrish in Barranquilla. I have a deep interest in mainstream journalism, in bringing humanity to light. Throughout this platform, I hope to expand our audience's understanding of the hardships immigrants have to endure and their courage in each of their journeys. I have visited Villa Caracas and have seen the impact Voices of Migrants has had on this community. I hope to be a part of this impact and be a voice in any way I can.

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